Green Roof Technology 

Jörg Breuning

Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology:
Unlike others, Jörg Breuning is one of a few people on earth who actively shaped the beginning of the modern green roof industry in Europe/Germany more than 4 decades ago. In addition, he introduced green roofs to North America in 1999. Thus, he has over 40 years of experience in two fundamentally different markets for green roofs and green walls. 


Giving something back to true Green Roof Professionals

Klima Roof green roof system has been evolved over the years to ensure healthy, diverse, and resilient vegetation on structures especially for the North American market to serve ALL CLIMATE ZONES with one flexible solution.

Klima roof solves typical issues of young Green Roofs markets in North America, Middle East, and Far East. 

Solar Garden Roof

"In young Green Roof markets e.g North America or Middle East often the same factors play against sustainable and resillient Green Roof installations". KLIMA ROOF helps to solve these problems and brings the plants into the center from where all other considerations are depend on.
Typical issues are:



Limited skills of installers (often roofing companies with no horticultural experience). No hands-on apprenticeship programs.                         



Frequent damage of roofing during green roof installations, especially with tray systems.



Roots of vegetation can access roofing insulation and comprise R-values (IRMA roofs).


Drainage and Water

Insufficient drainage and ponding water on roofs (partially or greatly) or root-depth limiting elements like drainage boards or Geofoams that were never engineered with greenery in mind. Insufficient drainage is often combined with irrigation systems that are wasteful and inappropriate.                       



Excessive and wasteful use of any type of plastics (virgin or recycled), especially with tray systems.                          



Low compressive strength, especially systems with sponging elements like mineral Wool.


Multi Use

Lack of flexibility or combinability with other technologies like PV, HVac, railings, decks, lights, Smart Flow Controls, Blue roof capability, etc


Air to Water Ratio

The desperate search for water retention and detention makes people forget about the needs of plants and microbiological processes within a soil or green roof profile. As a result frequent and unhealthy Air-to-Water Ratio peaks of drainage-only mats or excessive sponging elements like thick fabrics or mineral wool layers.



Proprietary systems are expensive, low in overall performance, and never engineered for the plants (the reason why we are doing green roofs in the first place). These tied-to-roofing warranty systems make shareholders happy not building owner or the plants. 

Jörg Breuning likes to share!
Specilized green roof installation companies are the backbone of the green roof market in a country. Without their passion, their knowledge, experience, and hands-on skills green roofs would hardly exist or maintained. It is sad to see that large corporations take these resources for granted and build their reputation and a warranty driven monopoly around it.
Klima Roof and the knowledge behind is for free to all who share the same experience. Nobody on earth should pay for education.

Jörg Breuning
Kima Roof Green Roof Technology

Klima roof works in any climate zone where plants are present!

Klima roof understands Plant Biology and the importance to allow plants developing a healthy relationship between Root - Shoots -Stems - Leaves. This extensive knowledge is incorporated in each system to reduce environmental stress on plants, to minimize human interference (maintenance), and to avoid wasting natural resources like water.

Klima roof combines century old gardening techniques and combines natural man-refined materials to optimize Air-To-Water ratio, effective rooting depth, and regulative hydrologic cycles.

Klima roof will never use manmade and structurally unstable sponging elements (poly foams, mineral wool or other fiber sponges) because these create unsuitable conditions (stress) on all desired plants for any type Green Roofs. 

Climate Zones

Platform based Modularity 

One design can be used to create an entire line of different Green Roofs for any climate zone, endless amenity options, and adjustable stormwater characteristics.

Platform based modularity covers all desired functions of Green Roofs and reduces initial and operating costs for building owners.

J. Breuning

Technology Innovation Officer

Platform based Modularity
platform-based Green Roof/ Blue Roof System


platform-based Green Roof/ Blue Roof System that adapts to any roof and protects the roof while under construction. klima roof is the first load carrying and load distribution system for all roof amenities.

Solar Garden Roofs fully integrated with Green and/or Blue Roof!

PV Integration

It never has been easier for other trades to install equipments on roofs and without taking the risk of damaging the roofing. 
Excellent for Solar Garden Roofs fully integrated with Green and/or Blue Roof! 

acurate controllable stormwater management

Smart Flow Control

klima roof cares about reliable and acurate controllable stormwater management. It is the only system in the world where the plants AND the weather manages of how water will be retained, detained, reused and for how long. 

True hybrid Green Roofs


Shallow or deep? With klima roof the sky is the limit and the Architec's creativity has no restrictions. Combine all on one roof, make each roof unique or change the design years after installed. True hybrid Green Roofs.

Retention, Detention, free flow of water


Retention, Detention, free flow of water over the entire roof without interruption by technical, design or safety elements. Clean seperation of materials, easy to maintaine, and no surprises.

systems without penetrating the roofing


Roof tops are highly desired recreational spaces within urban developments.
To elevate this experience the systems allows full integration of safety and railing systems without penetrating the roofing.