Retaining and detaining of precipitation depends on local weather patterns, climate zones, and future predictition of climate and weather extremes caused by human interaction with pollution, the use of fossil energies, and deforestation.
Klima roof will adjust - it is made to last as long as the structure! 

Green Roofs, average Annual Water Retention


Green/Blue Roofs, average Annual Water Retention


Blue Roofs, average Annual Water Retention


Combine with Solar - without Roof Penetration

It is the world’s first Solar Green Roof or Solar Garden Roof that combines artesian Green Roof technology with Blue Roof technology for permanent or temporary water storage in an engineered reservoir. The stackable, interconnected reservoir grids provide the designer more flexibility than any other Green Roof system!

This smart Solar Green Roof is securely anchored in the monolithic platform to withstand wind loads over 130 mph.

"Smart Flow” controls can be used to slowly release water from the roof . The slow release of water from the roof can increase the cooling effect, allowing the PV modules to increase energy output by up to 20%. The controls can be connected to a weather APP if more precision is needed for the water release rate.

All the components and materials are made to last. They contain high recycled content and can be reused for the same purpose over and over again.

Combine with Railing - without Rooftop Penetration

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Combine with Safety -without Penetration 

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What is Platform Based Monolithic Modularity?

Platform based Monolitic Modularity covers all desired functions of any Green Roof type
to minimize the amount of different materials and to reduce waste during construction.
All variables are focusing on the resillience of the vegetation, increasing the integrity of the structure and roofing, and will reduce initial cost and operational costs for building owners.


Stormwater Requirements

Every city around the world has different Stormwater requirements and with klima roof all of these requirements can be achieved with natural retention fill, with maintenance-free drain controls, or with weather controlled Smart drains that allow up to 100% stormwater retention and detention even combined with artesian or capillarity irrigation.


Available Structural Capacity

Structural capacity is the key investment for making a Return on Investment of widely unused roof space. Only few investors don't see the potential of the 5th facade of their building and try to save money on the structure. Soon the last investor will understand that the capital is on the roof, secure and far aways from unwanted visitors.


Design Intent

Architects need freedom and space for their ideas to fullfill the dreams of their clients. Tey also want to keep things simple and highly effective because in a few years their client might want something changed. Without an endless mix of materials klima roof makes all dreams come true and grows with the building, new ideas or even with future requirements.

No Leaks

We all know that once the roofing is installed many other trades will immediately take advantage of the "open" space. This causes in 90% of the projects expensive damage of the roofing, leaks that are not repaired, and a bad reputation for companies. Klima roof monolithic platform installed directly after the roofing eliminates these issues and windup lift of membranes. A little investments with pay-back from the frst day.

No Critical Details

We also know that there can be many other things on a roof that need to be secured. Traditionally these amanity items are penetrating the roofing with critical details that likely leaking after one or two years. Consequently there a warranties. However, these warranties don't cover other damages caused by leaking. Avoid expensive warranties, roof penetrations, and the risk of leaks. Build on top of the klima roof monolithic platform.

Nobody Is Left Out

It is in the human nature that we change our mind or that we want to use or upgrade our roof space after some years. Klima roof is very unique and based on the monolithic modularity you can have all options from the beginning or make any change in the years to come without changinging your entire system. A Green Roof that litteraly grows with your ideas, a system that add true value and real sustainibility for future generations. All components for klima roof can be reused.