Six products for any type of Green Roof - only at klima roof

klima roof is suitable for every climate zone on Earth and this makes klima roof unique.
A true world leader in modern Green Roof technology and Green Roof solutions.

klima roof Green Roof System has been evolved over the years to ensure healthy, diverse, and resilient vegetation on structures.
The flexibility of the system eliminates trial and error challenges - especially in North America and in countries where the Green Roofs are rather new.
klima roof is engineered for ALL CLIMATE ZONES on earth with a few, easy-to-use components.


Protection, Detention Layer

Protection, Detention Layer

This separative Protection Geotextile is the first layer in klima roof system that separates the trades (and skills) from roofing and green roofing. With this layer roofing manufacturers can't deny their roofing warranty.

Easy to handle and one person carry

Monolithic Platform is the structural backbone element

Monolithic Platform

The Monolithic Platform is the structural backbone element to increase compressive strength and the anchor for additional roof equipment without penetration (Solar, HVAC, Railing etc.). It is also the basis for advanced Blue Roof and Blue/Green technology.

90% open structure and easy to carry elements that click together.

Hydrological Growth Media

Hydrological Growth Media

Hydrological Growth Media ensures that the Air to Water Ratio of the entire system is always in vegetation preferred range - unlike sponging elements from man-made fibers that drown the plants over a long time after precipitation. 

Over 40% porosity and below 22 lb/cft. According FLL.

Filtrations Layer

Filtration Layer

Filtration or screening layer 

Easy to carry rolls by one person, meets FLL and so ASTM.

Biological Growth Media

Biological Growth Media

Up to 12" (30cm) depth the Biological Growth Media creates the necessary environment for root growth and soil microbiological processes that are required for resilient growth and biodiversity. In deeper systems add a Base Growth Media.

Local production with a mineral aggregate mix and microbiological booster.

Vegetation, Flora

Vegetation, Flora

The flexibility of klima roof systems allows to establish vegetation in any desired form: seeds, rhizomes, leaf, stem or tip cuttings, plugs, potted plants, vegetated mats, bare root trees or shrubs, root balled trees.

Custom order based on design with selected native and naturalized plants. 


Root Barrier

Root Barrier

On structures without root resistant roofing and in coordination with buildings Air and Vapor system a root barrier eliminates the risk of damages and roof leaks. For klima roof there are flexible EPDM root barrier preferred.

Flexible and easy to handle rolls.

Aluminum edging

Visual Separation

Although most klima roof systems operate more effective without a physical divider between vegetation zones and non-vegetated zones. Materials for dividers are concrete, metal, plastics, wood and stone. 

Sample picture of most frequent used Aluminum product.

Engineered Drain Cover

Engineered Drain Cover

Roof drains within the vegetated area require and engineered cover that allows drain inspection at any time. Picture shows integration with water control.

Multifunctional drain cover and advanced subsurface irrigation options, reducing fresh water use by 40-80% (if irrigation is required).

Active Smart Flow Control

Active Smart Flow Control

Smart Flow Control is the latest innovation of klima roof. It creates precise control of runoff time and quantity. It is a weather operated retention and detention device that goes far beyond any other systems. 

Most advanced flow control system on the market with weather App control and emergency functions.

Solar Garden Roof, Bio Solar

Solar/PV Racking

Monolithic modularity in it perfection! The platform based klima roof system is able to create a seamless and non-penetrating installation of PV, roof units or just roof decks without losing stormwater management qualities.

First Green Roof system that allows multiple racking systems or Solar company's preffered racking.

No penetration railing system

Railing System

Safety is important! Platform-based monolithic modularity is an ideal anchor for most railing systems and it will never penetrate the roof, roofing or structure. Depending on the railing this is typically a custom solution.

Railings without roof penetrations can't get more versatile and easier.